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Website Design & Development

To increase your web presence, we offer:

  1.   WordPress Websites
  2.   Static Websites
  3.   Dynamic Websites
  4.   eCommerce Portal and
  5.   Web Hosting

Retail Shop

Super Market

Wholesale Traders

Textile Shop

Garments Shop

Photo Shop/Lab

Home Appliances


Bar & Restaurant

Hardware Store

Snooker Club

Temple Management

Computer Shop

Mobile Distribution

School Management Software (ENet)

ENet is an end-to-end education institution management solution developed for managing the day to day education institute’s operations. ENet allows users to store almost all of their education institute’s information electronically, including information about students, employees, properties, teaching meteorites etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.


ENet has following modules:

  1.   Academics Management
  2.   Admission Management
  3.   Students Management
  4.   Employee Management
  5.   Accounts Management
  6.   Hostel Management
  7.   Library Management
  8.   Transport Management
  9.   Assets & Inventory Management

Chit Fund

General Finance

Property Tax

Manufacturing Industry

Automobile Workshop

Fertilizer Industry

Cargo/Courier Industry

Stationery Supplier Management

Jewellery Store Management

Sales & Delivery Automation

Automation of routing and mundane activities creates efficiency in the organization.  If you are looking to simplify, automate and create efficiency of your sales and delivery professionals, we have a solution to address your need.

Sales Automation

Following are the key modules in Sales Automation:

  1.   Customer Management
  2.   Partner Management
  3.   Sales Visit Management
  4.   Quotation Management
  5.   Invoice Management
  6.   Payment Tracker
Delivery Automation

Following are the key modules in Delivery Automation:

  1.   Customer Management
  2.   Vendor Management
  3.   Work Assignment
  4.   Work Schedule Tracker
  5.   Ticket Management
  6.   SLA Tracker

MLM Software

Gavin Technologies offer MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Software for Network Marketing Companies, such as Consumable Products, Household Items, Bio-Health Products, Home Appliances, Agricultural Products, etc.,


MLM Plans:

  1.   Crowd Funding Plan
  2.   Binary Plan
  3.   Level Plan
  4.   Generation Plan
  5.   Repurchase Plan

Co-Operative Banking Software

Gavin Technologies offer centralized Co-Operative Banking Software, which allows the bank to manage daily operations effectively and efficiently.  Gavin Technologies boasts of several happy Co-Operative Banks as our customers.


Following are the key features:

  1.   Branch Management
  2.   Shareholders Management
  3.   Agent Management
  4.   SB/CA Account Management
  5.   Schemes/Plan Management
    • Daily/Pigmy
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • Half-Yearly
  6.   Loan Management
  7.   Accounts
  8.   Employee Management

Clinic & Laboratory Management

Gavin Technologies offer integrated Clinic and Laboratory Management solution to improve the operational efficiency.  Our solution provides unified view of Patients and their Laboratory diagnostics to enable better view of treatment.  Our portal provides historical view of treatment, thus enabling better understanding of treatment pattern and how patients are responding to that.

Clinic Management

Key features of Clinic Management solution are:

  1.   Doctors Management
  2.   Visiting Doctors
  3.   Employee Management
  4.   Patient Management
  5.   Appointment Management
  6.   Asset & Inventory Management
  7.   Billing Management
Laboratory Management

Key features of Laboratory Management solution are:

  1.   Patient Management
  2.   Diagnostic Management
  3.   Diagnosis Recording and Reporting
  4.   Asset & Inventory Management
  5.   Billing Management

Active Directory Group Management

Gavin Group Governor is an integrated portal to manage Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Groups. It allows users to request access to a specific groups, which will then be routed via integrated workflow process for necessary approvals. Group Owners can manage their AD groups via the same portal and add/remove the users based on the requests. Group Governor transfers the ownership of group access from IT Staff to Business Owners, who has better visibility in to a group’s purpose.

Group Governor can fulfil your security, compliance and governance objectives of AD group management using simple, easy to deploy, user friendly, management dashboard and detailed reporting.


Group Governor – Features:

  1.   Unified Group Management across domains
  2.   Synchronization
  3.   Automated Provisioning
  4.   Self-Service
  5.   Recertification
  6.   Audit Logs
  7.   Workflow Engine
  8.   Notifications
  9.   Dashboard

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