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Identity and Access Management has emerged as one of the critical part in every organisation’s security program. Organisations today face various challenges in managing the life cycle of users (both internal and external), providing right access for right people at right time, humungous and mundane operational tasks, employee productive, etc., IDAM deployment enables organisations to manage these challenges effectively and ensure the organisation’s IT assets are protected appropriately and provide improved employee productivity.

Many organisations are looking for IDAM solutions along with stronger authentication and authorization, while many other organisations are looking to improve the employee productivity by offering simple features such as Self Service and Single Sign-On for both web-based and non web-based applications. With various regulatory compliance requirements to be adhered to, organisations are looking forward deploying IDAM solution, which will assist them in complying with required compliance and standards.

Given that IDAM deployment is imperative in any organisation whether small or large enterprise, Gavin Technologies offer following services around IDAM :

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